Marathon Training Begins!

Or it should have.

Monday marked Day One of marathon training. Nothing special, three miles on the schedule so of course I did five miles instead. Tuesday, about the same.

Yesterday: supposed to be a rest day. But since it’s not a difficult week, I thought I could keep up with my regular “off season” running schedule of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

Oh how the mighty do fall.

I made it approximately 1.5 miles into my run when my left knee (the GOOD one!) just…stopped functioning. Every foot strike was pain and locking. It felt like the tendons weren’t moving the way they should. I tried powering through it, thinking it was due to the cold or just a little glitch. No good. Luckily, walking had almost no pain so I decided to stop risking serious injury and made my way home.

So today, I rest. Tomorrow I swim. And Saturday–scheduled for an 8 miler–we shall see how things go.


Belated October/November!

October was…AMAZING for my running. I smashed my Half Marathon PR in Baltimore and enjoyed some really lovely fall weather on my runs. But slowly…well, rather quickly really, that lovely weather gave way to dark dark dark. The end of the month had me tripping over hurricane debris at 7am while running in close to pitch black. Thankfully daylight savings saved me this weekend and I’m back to some daylight runs!

Miles Run: 117.91 mi according to Garmin but add 10 for two treadmill runs and then maybe another 5 for the Garmin not working…. 132.91