A week in the National(s) spotlight!

NATIONALS WIN! I’m not a huge baseball fan (or really, a baseball fan at all) but I am proud that DC can field a decent pro sports team these days.

Monday, I attended the Nats game with one of my best friends (whom I love, despite her Phillies shirt):


Tuesday, my crazy awesome ultramarathon running friend and I attended Diane Van Deren’s  speaking event! She’s an INSANE and awesome lady: she routinely competes in some of the world’s most challenging ultras. We’re talking Iditerod  (sans dogs), Yukon, Hard Rock 100…and she recently completed a 1000 mile trail through North Carolina.


Usually, this kinda stuff leaves me feeling inspired. I have to admit, though, I have NO URGE WHATSOEVER to do what Diane does. She’s insane. Awesome, but insane. I’ll stick to my can-be-done-in-a-few-hours distances.

Sidebar: this was my third North Face Speaker Event Series and I HIGHLY recommend them. Even if you aren’t familiar with the sport or athlete, it’s still interesting to listen and interact with people who live to push themselves. It’s always a fun time.

Of course, last night was the presidential debate. I tried watching but honestly don’t have the attention span for such things so spent most of my time reading the twitter reactions.

On the running front: it’s still happening? DC decided it missed summer and hit us with a dose of OMGHUMIDITY the past couple of days so I’ve been coming home covered in sweat and disgusting again.

Other than that…I’m tired, kids. Saturday has my last long run (12) scheduled and then we dial it back for a week until BALTIMORE!

Oh, and it’s been an epic fail on the no alcohol front. Nats stadium had DRAFT BLUE MOON PUMPKIN ALE. I can’t say no to that. I mean, I’ve had a lot less in the past couple of weeks and plan on continuing but the NO ALCOHOL plan is not going as…planned.

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