Goodbye September, Hellooooo October!

At the beginning and end of every month I think to myself “what the HELL happened to this month? I did absolutely NOTHING!” Looking at the beginning of this month, I am still thinking it.

Here’s to a new, clean, AWESOME October!

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September was mostly uneventful but ended rather hecticly and stressfully. I am not sorry to see it go. Most of my stress was work related–some of due to my own actions, some of it due to other mistakes. But I really really hope that this week goes more smoothly on that front. I also did not enjoy ending last week with a three day stretch at the ski store–I got 15.5 hours of work in there! On TOP of my 40 regular work hours. Heinous.

Miles Run: 128.62 mi (plus 5 because my Garmin DIED halfway thru one of my long runs. Laaaame.)

Goals Achieved: Two? (I had really stupid goals with no real plan–which is an amateur mistake in goal setting. I’m going to work on that below. ) I have been amping up the veggies and fresh foods in my diet while also trying to tone it down on the processed foods. I really need to work more on keeping a food diary because I believe I have some gaps in my nutrition. The problem is I eat a lot of homemade meals so trying to list every single component is very tiresome.

I also managed to stay injury free. There have been some hip flexor twinges and my knees protested a few steps here and there but nothing major.

Absolute, epic, speed/track work FAIL. It scares me and I have NO IDEA what to do with it! Also, in the mornings, I don’t want to think, I just want to go out and run.

Coming up in October is the Baltimore Half Marathon! I’m also taking the GRE at the end of the month. Those would be my two notables as far as events. There’s going to be some other fun sprinkled in, promise

October Goals: 

No alcohol. Whaaaat, you say? I know, I know. Okay…not for the WHOLE month maybe but I’m really trying to not drink until after my half marathon. It’s not because I fear addiction or even because I think it’s bad for you or unhealthy but…I’m curious to see if it affects my every day life in a certain way. Will I be faster on my runs? Less tired? MORE tired? Who knows. Also, taking a break from things is always a good idea.

CROSS TRAINING. I say this all the time but this month I MEAN IT. I am determined to do more regular physical activities than just running. I bought a deal for Earth Treks climbing gym and I WILL USE IT. It’s happening. I also really want to go to a few yoga classes. It’s not always my vibe but with everything getting crazy around me, I need something to help me take life down a notch.

Time to myself. Now, this is not a real firm goal but I need more time in my life where I’m not running around–whether it’s seeing people, things, errands, whatever. I am seriously considering cutting out one or two ski store work days just so I can have a Real Weekend again.

So what are YOU trying to achieve this month?


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