Baltimore Half Marathon Goals

When I returned from my European Adventures, I was surprised to find that I should have been in week 4 of my training plan for the Baltimore Half Marathon. Oops. Luckily, I stayed pretty active while I was gone so I didn’t feel like I was TOO out of shape for running.

Each race for me has a goal–my first races were all about getting to the finish line by running the whole way (actually, this is still my primary goal). I also do have tentative speed goals–more about beating a previous time than having any earthly idea of what a feasible time would be. I don’t go in saying “oh, I can shave three minutes off my PR” or whatever, it’s more that I just want to always go a little faster.

Baltimore is tricky–it was my first half marathon and also my slowest time 1:55. HOWEVER, it is by far the hilliest race I’ve run. So what to do?

Time Goal: Do I think I can beat 1:55 on this course? Yes. Do I think I can beat my 1:48 PR–probably not. So…my goal time is between 1:55 and 1:48 (told you I was bad at this).

Training Goals: Honestly, as much as I’m trying to ignore it, my mind is on the Shamrock Marathon in March. I have maaaaaybe looked at a couple of training plans already. Just peeked, really! But I’m trying to mentally prepare for those loooong runs and just build up my base. I don’t want to over train for the half and injure myself. I don’t want to under train and play catch up either.

Short Story: I really don’t have a goal other than to just get through this and have fun. I have a friend doing the full marathon and my roommates may come out to spectate again so it should be a good race.

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