Friday, Friday, Friday

I wish I could say that YAY FRIDAY! But I can’t, tomorrow is my Friday, really.

It’s been a stressful week but luckily I can see the end of the tunnel. Just a few more hours of work before I head to the ski store to work there tonight. Tomorrow, a full day of ski store work and then glorious, glorious Sunday.

This is what we are looking at currently:


See that red line? I’m so close!

Tomorrow is going to suck–working last night left me dead this morning so I can only imagine how my long run will go tomorrow before work. I plan on taking it nice and slow and steady. I will NOT feel guilty if I take a walking break!

Happy Friday everybody!


Baltimore Half Marathon Goals

When I returned from my European Adventures, I was surprised to find that I should have been in week 4 of my training plan for the Baltimore Half Marathon. Oops. Luckily, I stayed pretty active while I was gone so I didn’t feel like I was TOO out of shape for running.

Each race for me has a goal–my first races were all about getting to the finish line by running the whole way (actually, this is still my primary goal). I also do have tentative speed goals–more about beating a previous time than having any earthly idea of what a feasible time would be. I don’t go in saying “oh, I can shave three minutes off my PR” or whatever, it’s more that I just want to always go a little faster.

Baltimore is tricky–it was my first half marathon and also my slowest time 1:55. HOWEVER, it is by far the hilliest race I’ve run. So what to do?

Time Goal: Do I think I can beat 1:55 on this course? Yes. Do I think I can beat my 1:48 PR–probably not. So…my goal time is between 1:55 and 1:48 (told you I was bad at this).

Training Goals: Honestly, as much as I’m trying to ignore it, my mind is on the Shamrock Marathon in March. I have maaaaaybe looked at a couple of training plans already. Just peeked, really! But I’m trying to mentally prepare for those loooong runs and just build up my base. I don’t want to over train for the half and injure myself. I don’t want to under train and play catch up either.

Short Story: I really don’t have a goal other than to just get through this and have fun. I have a friend doing the full marathon and my roommates may come out to spectate again so it should be a good race.


Fall is in the air. The temperatures have dropped, humidity has dissappeared, and leaves are beginning to change color. Basically, it’s AWESOME.

Despite my love for both summer at the beach and winter in the mountains, I think transition seasons (I just made this up, but it’s spring and fall) might be my favorite times of year. The air is crisper, the sun shines more, you don’t have to dress for extreme weather…aah I could just go on and on!

As such, I’m in running heaven. It’s so nice to not come back dripping in sweat and feeling like you want to die!

This has been a GOOD RUNNING WEEK. My ten miler last Saturday was positively pleasant–the kind of run where I just zone out and GO. The rest of the week has been comfortable but sadly rushed. I’ve had to skip all of my strength and stretching exercises because I’m going out on my runs waaay too late. It’s so dark when I wake up now that I feel like I should still be asleep! I’m also not sleeping very well so I’m tired when I get up.

In local news: Nationals are heading to the playoffs! I’m not a baseball fan but I do enjoy going to games for a bit just for the outdoors and usually to hang out with people. Last night I was invited to the game by someone I haven’t seen in over a year so it was nice to catch up!

Just a little bit of weekend inspiration:

I can’t remember where I found this! If you have the source, let me know!

August/September Round-Up

August was one hell of a ride–life wise and training wise. Since I spent 11 days in Europe, cycling and running almost every day there, I feel like the first half of the month was a success!

Coming back from Europe…a whole other story. I blame the ridiculous amounts of candy and chocolate I brought back.

I  found myself smack-dab in the middle of week four of half-marathon training. My mileage was fine, it’s everything else that was out of sorts. Being back in training means giving up my oh, I only feel like going out for five miles today (or three. Or just sleeping).  It means facing up to the race and figuring out what my goals for Baltimore will be (more on that later)

While I was on the boat, I also read Scott Jurek’s book Eat and Run, which I highly recommend. The parts about his running are fascinating. I’m not a vegan or even a vegetarian and certainly not an ultramarathoner but it was really interesting and overall a good story. I of course, totally thought I was an awesome runner while I was reading it and then came quickly back to reality while struggling through some hot and humid runs.

So overall…August was a good month for my general fitness and gave me some good food for thought. Which brings us to…


OMG FALL. That’s what I feel about September. I can’t WAIT for those cooler temps to start coming in and take my runs down from dripping dog sweaty to just regular sweaty.

#1 Food consumption: This is already going badly. But I did one of those calorie counter thingies and discovered I eat WAY too much food:

I am going over my daily allowance by about 300 calories–BEFORE I entered my chocolate and wine consumption. So I’m going to be spending the month trying to eat  in a way that doesn’t leave me hungry but also doesn’t make me gain weight!

#2 Speed Training

My half marathon plan has speed training on it (track and tempo runs) and I just.don’ Like…how does one do 100 meter intervals around a track? Where is there a track? How far is 100m exactly?

I’ve been avoiding it so far but really, really, REALLY need to get my act together and try it out. Much googling will be needed.

#3 Avoiding Injury!

Things have been…twinging of late. I believe it’s a lack of crosstraining + extra running (due to a heavier half marathon training schedule). I cannot get injured. Again. Because then I have to say goodbye to my marathon. So the goal here is really to spend September resting when I should be resting, doing more strength training, doing crosstraining. All those good things.

What are you all working on this month?