European Adventures!

My Long Absence is easily explained: I was not in this country. Nor did I have internet access for almost TWO WEEKS. Which is…crazy.

I went to Europe with my family to visit my grandmother. While we were there, we had the most A-mazing time. My dad decided he wanted to have an “active” vacation so my parents, my sisters, and I hopped onto a river boat cruise/cycling tour for a week. We went from Passau, Germany to Budapest, Hungary and back. It was…breathtaking. And SO MUCH FUN.

There was a lot of this:

Views of the Donau River

And some of this:


And due to some badly applied sunscreen, I ended up with this:



In summary: AMAZING.

Not only did we cycle 25-45 miles almost every day (at a VERY leisurely pace, mind you. We had my six year old sister with us), but I also managed to keep up with my runs! And the running was also, at a nice, flat, leisurely pace.

I returned two weeks ago feeling refreshed and amazing. Of course, that feeling hasn’t completely lasted but I am definitely so¬†grateful¬†for the experience .