Race Report: Rosaryville Trail Race, 10 Miles/15k

You GUYS, I ran my first trail race on Sunday! And it was amazing, just as I thought it would be.

Aforemention ultra-trail runner friend convinced me I wanted to run some distance of the Rosaryville Trail Race. The big ticket item was the 50k but there was no way in hell I was doing that, for obvious reasons. I opted to sign up for the 10k instead.

The event was clearly small and locally run by the Kent Island Running Group, which I had never heard of, but whatever.  Registration was $35 not matter what distance you chose! A total bargain when you compare it to…every other race I’ve ever run.

Sunday morning, I woke up at 5am (ish) and headed out to Rosaryville State Park. In the email sent out the day before, the race director had mentioned to key items: 1, the races would start at intervals around 7am. 2, we could switch distances mid-race if we wanted to. The course was a giant loop with the beginning/finish in the middle of it. So, the 10k went halfway around the course, the 10miler one whole loop, the 25K one and half times, and the 50k did it three times. So, it was definitely possible to do an easy up- or down-grade on the distance.

This made me start considering the possibility of upgrading to the 10miler. Now, I haven’t run more than 7 miles since Frederick. But I felt that on trails, with a slower pace, I could handle it. Plus, it’s really not that big of a leap to 10 miles, right?

I got there, went through the bib/timing chip line, found Ashleigh, did all the prerace things. It was a warm morning and HUMID due to the constant rain we had received on Saturday. But people were milling around–a pretty small crowd but honestly way more than I expected.

What struck me was how…relaxed, the whole thing was. There weren’t people being assigned to coralls and we definitely didn’t start on time. The race director kinda just advised each group to amble over to the starting line depending on their distance and then it was GO.

The 10k (my original choice) was very much about settling into my rhythm. Since this was my first trail race I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the course and passing others on the trail was concerned. I would say I was averaging around 11 minute pace which seemed both epically slow and somehow speedy. After the first aid station at the 5 mile mark, I made my choice to continue on with the 10 mile group. Around mile 7 I came behind a couple of people who seemed to be rocking the same pace as I was and I stuck to them for the rest of the run.

The whole thing was a single-track around the perimeter of the park. The trail itself had some pretty good climbs–“rolling hills” is the term, I believe. Despite the consistent rain from the day before, the trail was not AS muddy as I was expecting, nor did I have to wade through any rivers (my Saucony’s would not have thanked me for that). There were definitely some slippery and sketchy parts. I nearly feel face first down a slope but somehow pulled balancing skillz out of NOWHERE and caught myself.

I think what I enjoyed the most was the lack of pressure to hit a time or pace–I had no expectations so just went with what felt good. I also didn’t want to push myself and trip on a root or burn out too early and have to walk so that helped a lot.

Here’s my garmin info:
Rosaryville 15 Trail Race by themalstrom at Garmin Connect – Details.



My overall place was:

-1st in my age group (out of four, hahahaha!)

-12th overall (out of thirty)

Trail running is still awesome and I’m considering a few fall races, as well as finding a place to just RUN. But I still want to continue on with road distances–mostly because of the lack of tripping and faster paces.

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