Accidental Crosstraining

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this in the blag but I’m essentially a lazy person. Don’t let the getting up early to run part of me fool you–I really try to take the lazy way out of things as much as possible. Thus, I don’t do that whole…crosstraining things. I mean, I go on walks. And try to swim laps. And I would totally do yoga if I had time/money. But in general, I don’t crosstrain on purpose.

This weekend was no different–I didn’t crosstrain on PURPOSE. It just happened. More accurately, 46 miles of cycling through Northern Virginia happened.

My dad was in town for a conference! He happens to be training for Reno’s first ever Expedition Man triathlon so he’s all up into the swimming and the cycling places these days (not the running because he has some knee and back issues. And is clearly a loser. Kidding).  He also looks pretty awesome.

FUN DAD FACT: he graduated from West Point and was in the Army for 21 years. He is no stranger to the working out but since retirement he gradually got out of shape. Luckily, c’ircumstances have led him back to regular workouts and now he has not only signed up for the Expedition Man but he is also competing in the Tough Mudder race later this year.

So when Dad suggested renting some bikes on Saturday to “train” for our summer trip to Germany, I figured I was in for one of those hipster bike days. You know, jean shorts, cute top, cycling around The City looking at the sites. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

We rented bikes from Bike and Roll at Union Station and  embarked on a five and a half hour journey on what I imagine is every trail ever in Virginia. And despite not wearing the proper uniform, I had a BLAST.  I was a hot sweaty mess and hadn’t been on a bike in over a year but I LOVED it. Northern Virginia has a fantastic trail system that was definitely well maintained.

Of course, we were not going particularly fast or really hitting any kind of goal but I think I satisfied the requirements for a good workout.

Dad and me, around mile 2. If only I had KNOWN

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