Spring Cleaning

There’s something in the air right now…and it’s making me want to clean EVERYTHING.

I can’t tell if it’s all the home/apartment/diy blogs I’ve been reading or the fact that everyone I know seems to be moving into new places but I want to redo my entire room.

My roommates and I have lived in our current apartment for almost FOUR YEARS. That’s an insane amount of time in my world (army brat). I don’t think any of us believed it would be such a long period of time and because of that, we haven’t put in a ton of effort into the decorating of the place.

But change is in the air! I’m trying to figure out my direction but the first step is just getting rid of stuff. It’s amazing how things just pile up when you aren’t paying attention. But my room and my closet (oh God, my closet) need a major de-clutter.

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