Back from the dead (race dead, I mean)

Oh em gee kids. Rock n Roll HURTLIKEABITCH.


PR! 1:52:22 to be exact. That’s almost exactly three minutes down from my Baltimore time!

COURSE! Super scenic and takes you through all the “DC” areas. Even for a jaded, DC-suburbanite like me it was pretty awesome to run the streets of this city.

SPECTATORS! My personal cheering squad was not in attendance (losers. I kid)

MEDAL!  Of couse, I don’t have a pic…but it’s pretty cool. And there’s glitter!


Dying Man--well, not REALLY

Obviously, because it really highlights the race for me–checking my Garmin obsessively (nooooooothing to do with the guy looking like he wants to die).


INSOMNIA. Yeah. That sucked. Thinking it was a combo of nerves/sleeping in not my own bed/not having run in two days.

COURSE. Oh hills. That climb from downtown to Columbia Heights hurt.

MILE 11.5 From that point on, I was toast. I thought I was going to fall over or have to walk. Yeah, WALK. That bad.

But I didn’t fall over. I didn’t walk. I crossed the finish line (and made rockstar hands for the cameras which, naturally, they didn’t get. But I got cheers so that was awesome). There was no kick to the finish. I was done. So done.

I think I learned some things. I don’t need to taper that much. I need to sleep in my own bed. And my body can take it. Lessons. That’s life, right there.


Looking Ahead at March!


Yikes, March already? The entire year of 2011 feels like it slipped by and now 2012 is following that same path!

March has begun on a good note–it’s BEAUTIFUL outside. Super sunny, warm, luscious. It makes me forget how sad of a winter this was and how little snow I was able to enjoy. Here’s to hoping the rest of spring is just as wonderful!

I am sixteen days away from the Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon and THANK GOD. I am TIRED of this running thing. Okay, not like, don’t want to do it again but training and long distances and scheduling around them takes it out of you!

This past week was nice because my schedule called for a 10k race, which I took to mean 6 mile easy run, obvio. I have to say, it was strange not spending my Saturday recovering in bed from a hard run. However, said “break” has given me a lackluster week for running. Dentist appointment on Monday and some lack of motivation is a bad combo.

I have done terribly with my resolution to start cross training. I have purchased a well-intentioned yoga groupon that I REALLY need to use. Perhaps this Sunday will be the day I actually get myself out of the store in time to go to a class.

So for March resolutions/upcoming

1. Run (and maaaaaybe PR?) the Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon

2. Go to yoga for goodness’ sake!

3. No idea. Will have to add more later 🙂