Mid Week Updates

The past few weeks have been a bummer. I touched on it before but I’m kinda in a funk about my life right now. I think it’s a case of the winter blues. There’s obviously some other background noise that I’m going to try to get rid of too.

That said, my training for the RocknRoll half in March is chugging along. I had a 9 miler on Saturday that I got through quite well (surprising since the weather didn’t seem like it wanted to cooperate). I woke up this morning for my Wednesday 5 miler and just¬†ached. Sometimes it just feels like my body and my mind are not in sync and today was one of those days. The hills were rough and I was definitely shuffling more than actually running.

Time for some yoga methinks. 


A Valentine to Me

Mallory, you are amazing because:

You wear high, high heels unapologetically

You run because it makes you feel good, not because it makes you look good (although, that helps)

You share your chocolate AND your wine

You play designated driver even if you really really need a drink