The Winter Blues

This has been a difficult winter for me on a couple of levels.  I entered the season with all sorts of hopes and dreams.

White dreams.

Snow Glee!


Snowboarding Dreams.


And running dreams.

And none of them are panning out the way I thought they would. The snow is what hurts the most–I love, love, love snowboarding and it’s been a terrible winter not just here in Maryland but also in Reno when I went home for Christmas. It’s FINALLY dumping in Tahoe but I can’t go back this year (money, vacation time, adult problems). And I’m losing hope that the season can be salvaged in this area.

I can save the running–I KNOW I can. But I am having a hard time escaping the blah feeling. I’ve been doing a lot of treadmill running since I am an early riser but who doesn’t love that time in the sunshine, hitting the pavement, getting lost in thought? I have about 7 weeks to go before the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon that I’m currently trying to train for and I really want to love the run again.

You guys have any suggestions?


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