Friday Fav Five! (On a Saturday)

To recover from my Debbie Downer mood from yesterday, trying to concentrate on the good!

1. Harry Potter World!

Okay, so this wasn’t this PAST week but since I didn’t talk about it when I went, I’m allowing it.

To Hogwarts!

I went to Orlando for a work trip last week and spent half of a day at Universal Studios Harry Potter World! And yes, it was AMAZING.

And Orlando overall was great. It was like having a mini-vacation. Definitely hard to come back home from.

2. A Quick Recovery!

Usually, I get sick for WEEKS. Two days of awfulness but then weeks of sniffles, coughing, and general malaise. I got super sick on Monday (and was sent home from work) but I feel 98% better now! There’s the lingering symptoms but they aren’t as bad as they usually are.

3. A Quiet Week

This week I shelved my social butterfly wings and spent a lot of time at home. Partly out of circumstance. partly out of recovery, and partly because I am TIRED. It was a great week to just recover from life.

4. The Long Run

It was quiet, outside, in the sunshine, and goddammit, it HURT. But it was great.

5. Plans for the week ahead

Meeting with friends for drinks, dinner, dates–who doesn’t love some solid planning?


The Winter Blues

This has been a difficult winter for me on a couple of levels.  I entered the season with all sorts of hopes and dreams.

White dreams.

Snow Glee!


Snowboarding Dreams.


And running dreams.

And none of them are panning out the way I thought they would. The snow is what hurts the most–I love, love, love snowboarding and it’s been a terrible winter not just here in Maryland but also in Reno when I went home for Christmas. It’s FINALLY dumping in Tahoe but I can’t go back this year (money, vacation time, adult problems). And I’m losing hope that the season can be salvaged in this area.

I can save the running–I KNOW I can. But I am having a hard time escaping the blah feeling. I’ve been doing a lot of treadmill running since I am an early riser but who doesn’t love that time in the sunshine, hitting the pavement, getting lost in thought? I have about 7 weeks to go before the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon that I’m currently trying to train for and I really want to love the run again.

You guys have any suggestions?


Not at all exaggerating

OhmyGodyouguys. I think I am dying.

I woke up on Saturday feeling like someone had punched me in the temple and forehead. It’s all gone downhill from there.

There are people who are good at being sick, I am sure. And I am not one of those people. I am whiny and slightly dramatic (only slightly) and everyone has to share in my misery.

    you look like super dramatic lounging against the couch
    like ‘oh dear me, I am afflicted”

    i am afflicted!
    and it was more comfortable than the couch

    i know
    but you were a bonnet and a southern accent away from being featured in a civil war drama or true blood

So that’s been happening this weekend. I want to go home.