Same Girl, New Blog

So I totally forgot that this blog-thing existed. Until I tried creating a new blog and WordPress was all

“Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

So…I’m back! Kind of.

I looked at my old content and while I like some of it, I can also see why this project was quickly abandoned–there was no focus and I was trying WAY too hard. I can’t guarantee that either of those two problems will be fixed (especially the focus, this is a Maelstrom after all), but here’s to trying!

What I’ve been up to: 

Got a job at a ski store

Snowboarded. a lot.

Drank, a lot.

Started running, a lot.

Two years later, got a Real Person Job!

How is that for a nutshell?

Where this is all going:

Running has become almost everything to me. I dictates my schedule. It dictates my diet. And, quite honestly, it dictates my happiness. I feel like a better person when I run. Or when I walk. Or snowboard. And when I fit into those jeans.

Lately, though, it’s all running, all the time. And I want to be more than just a runner. I was to be in shape and healthy and happy FOREVER.

So I’m thinking this is going to be a fitness…no, that’s not the right word…health and happiness blog? Mostly for me. Maybe for other people if they care. I want to be able to talk about books and movies and my absolute love of winter jackets and spring shoes. But all in the context of making my life more healthy and more happy.

How does that sound?

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