The Week Ahead…

That’s it, I’m officially tired of training for races. Thankfully, Thursday’s SOME Turkey Trot was my last race of the season! I’m not tired of running, mind you, just tired of training. The past week I’ve been recovering from the Annapolis Half and just enjoying not having a goal or a reason or a milestone that I have to hit (not to mention consuming a huge amount of food). Next race is the Nation’s Half in March so I’ve got plenty of time to get antsy again.

So, what’s coming up for me this week?


It’s the start of me exploring some new forms of exercise and refocusing on my body as a whole. Tomorrow, I’m going to hit up a kickboxing class and I’m super excited to see how that feels! I hear you burn a ton of calories while also getting a total body work out so that should be awesome. I’ll keep y’all posted on how that class goes.

Unfortunately, it’s been unseasonably warm in DC–not helpful for my snowboarding season. But I shall live in hope and restart my strength plan that I found last year. I’ll be home in less than a month! And Reno DEFINITELY has snow.

Running-wise, I’m just going to settle into a base maintenance groove–I’m thinking about 16-20 miles  a week? Over four days of running? That sounds good, right?


Oh man. What can I say? The holidays are upon us and I have NO IDEA what to get people for Christmas. God, I hate buying presents. People are so difficult to figure out! Pretty much anyone on my list who consumes alcohol is getting the same present. Or something along the same lines. That knocks out about half of my  list. But there are still all of my family members. Bitches. What am I supposed to get them? And then my kinda sorta when I’m not annoyed with him boyfriend type person? He got a Snuggie last year. And that’s the end of my creativity for him.

Other than my constant PANIC about presents (and don’t tell me it doesn’t matter what people get, it’s the thought that counts. Okay, look, that’s my PROBLEM. I have no thoughts about what to get people!), I am at about a SIX with my life right now. It’s definitely more good than bad. And I am feeling content…ish. But if I stop and start thinking about it, I’m feeling a lot of worry in a lot of arenas of life–friends, apartment, job, general life position–it’s all being questioned.

BUT, I had a fabulous, totally busy Thanksgiving so I am trying to focus on that and let go of some of the stress.

How is everyone else feeling?


Same Girl, New Blog

So I totally forgot that this blog-thing existed. Until I tried creating a new blog and WordPress was all

“Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

So…I’m back! Kind of.

I looked at my old content and while I like some of it, I can also see why this project was quickly abandoned–there was no focus and I was trying WAY too hard. I can’t guarantee that either of those two problems will be fixed (especially the focus, this is a Maelstrom after all), but here’s to trying!

What I’ve been up to: 

Got a job at a ski store

Snowboarded. a lot.

Drank, a lot.

Started running, a lot.

Two years later, got a Real Person Job!

How is that for a nutshell?

Where this is all going:

Running has become almost everything to me. I dictates my schedule. It dictates my diet. And, quite honestly, it dictates my happiness. I feel like a better person when I run. Or when I walk. Or snowboard. And when I fit into those jeans.

Lately, though, it’s all running, all the time. And I want to be more than just a runner. I was to be in shape and healthy and happy FOREVER.

So I’m thinking this is going to be a fitness…no, that’s not the right word…health and happiness blog? Mostly for me. Maybe for other people if they care. I want to be able to talk about books and movies and my absolute love of winter jackets and spring shoes. But all in the context of making my life more healthy and more happy.

How does that sound?