In honor of novels

We are getting into the full swing of NaNoWriMo! National Novel Writing Month–that crazy time where people try to write 50,000 words in 30 days!

Yes, I signed up. No, I am nowhere near writing anything. Enh, it’s still fun to pretend, right?

Anywhozzle, I am dedicating this post to the art of writing! Some people like to type, some people prefer the pen on paper feel. Here are some shiny tools I’ve seen around lately.

RevolveR Bound Journals

revolver journal

I am totally intrigued by this concept. It seems like the Jacob’s Ladder of notebooks: folded one way, it’s a lined notebook. Folded the other way, it has blank pages.  An easy way to sort between thoughts!

Downside: you can’t upload paper based writing onto the NaNo site.


I am a big fan of Google stuff and the word processer of GoogleDocs is so simple that it seems natural. This is a great tool if you are on the go and going from computer to computer instead of having one. Plus, it saves as you write, you don’t have to worry about hard drive failure, and you can share it with people!

Downside:  need internet access or Google Gears to make it offline and then it’s basically Word.

Microsoft Courier

Courier Interface

I debated for a hot second on whether or not to include this because it is just a concept right now. But watch the video and tell me you don’t think it looks TOTALLY AWESOME!

Gizmodo has lots of details here and here

So my star-writers? What do you like to use?