Friday Fav Five: Sept. 4

I really must be more up on this particular feature! Ah well, here’s this week’s list:

1. New friends and old friends!

A friend from high school came through DC on her way to Boston and stayed with me. I got to meet her boyfriend and a friend of her’s that lives here. Plus, played tour guide (badly). It’s always so funny to see how people change, how they stay the same, and where their lives have led them!

P.S. She and her boyfriend are going to be living in Boston and will be looking for things to check out. Suggestions?

2. Three day weekend!

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the US and that means lots of stuff going on in our nation’s capitol. I will definitely be attending a BBQ and a concert: I suggest you all take advantage of the festivities and find something to do as well!

3. Random Discoveries!

While we were wandering DC, we stumbled upon these people dancing in Federal Plaza. Turns out that every Sunday night in the summer, a group of people gather there to dance the tango. It was so amazing to see them dancing with the Capitol in the background. If I had any skillz whatsoever, I would have joined in.

P.S. My camera is full of terrible when it comes to recording things at night so you will just have to use the video to imagine how awesome it was to see the dancers.

4. Other bloggers!

Follow this girl


High school pal who is just starting her fashion blogging and has a closet that I want.

5.Fall is a-comin’!

We have entered September and the temperatures and humidity is dropping. Look for more posts on fall fashion in the coming weeks!

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  1. Hasn’t this three day weekend been great?! I wish every weekend was three days long 😀


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