September is National _____ Month!

Oh thank goodness we have reached September. I love the shiny new beginning of a month when everything seems possible and I haven’t been disillusioned by the weather or events yet. As an unemployed person, I am also hoping that this is my month: job getting month.

However, if that doesn’t occur, I need a plan for what to do with myself. In search of this plan, I googled “september is month” and came up with some interesting answers.

September is

National Coupon Month: get clipping!

National Cholesterol Education Month: eat your Cheerios!

National Sewing Month: always a valuable skill!

National Prostrate Cancer Awareness Month: awareness is important!

National Preparedness Month: go buy some band-aids and canned foods!

None of these particularly appealed to me, to be honest. So I got a-thinkin’ What about Poetry Month? That’s April. Art month! October. History month? A-HA!

There are many versions of history month: Black History Month, Womens’ History Month, but I have official designated–for my own purposes–September as DC History Month. Luckily, there’s a lot of history in DC.  So everyday, I will find something out about the history of DC and post it here.

Today’s history: the Lincoln Memorial.


The Lincoln Memorial is supposed to portray Lincoln as contemplative and weary at the height of the Civil War.

The memorial was dedicated in 1922, after World War I to show how the Union had come together to fight that great war. Ironically, the dedication ceremony was segregated along racial lines.

One of the most famous of American civil rights speeches was on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial: “I have a Dream” by Martin Luther King, Jr. The most famous part of the speech (the “I have a dream” part) was actually improvised by King.

Sources: National Parks Service, Wikipedia

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