Friday Fav Five: Sept. 4

I really must be more up on this particular feature! Ah well, here’s this week’s list:

1. New friends and old friends!

A friend from high school came through DC on her way to Boston and stayed with me. I got to meet her boyfriend and a friend of her’s that lives here. Plus, played tour guide (badly). It’s always so funny to see how people change, how they stay the same, and where their lives have led them!

P.S. She and her boyfriend are going to be living in Boston and will be looking for things to check out. Suggestions?

2. Three day weekend!

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the US and that means lots of stuff going on in our nation’s capitol. I will definitely be attending a BBQ and a concert: I suggest you all take advantage of the festivities and find something to do as well!

3. Random Discoveries!

While we were wandering DC, we stumbled upon these people dancing in Federal Plaza. Turns out that every Sunday night in the summer, a group of people gather there to dance the tango. It was so amazing to see them dancing with the Capitol in the background. If I had any skillz whatsoever, I would have joined in.

P.S. My camera is full of terrible when it comes to recording things at night so you will just have to use the video to imagine how awesome it was to see the dancers.

4. Other bloggers!

Follow this girl


High school pal who is just starting her fashion blogging and has a closet that I want.

5.Fall is a-comin’!

We have entered September and the temperatures and humidity is dropping. Look for more posts on fall fashion in the coming weeks!


DC Events: Sept. 5-11


Saturday, September 5

Page to Stage: The Eight Annual Page to Stage is held at the Kennedy Center. This event features over 40 DC theater companies performing rehearsals or parts of upcoming productions.  It runs from Saturday to Tuesday and is FREE! Find the list of productions and more info, here:

Sunday, September 6

Labor Day Concert: One of my favorite annual events because it’s oh-so-DC. Sit on the Capitol Lawn and be serenaded by the National Symphony Orchestra. Free and starts at 5pm. More info here:

Going out: Georgetown’s Mate is having a Labor Day party with NO COVER, FTW! Starts at 9pm. More info here: Perfect, since you don’t have to do anything on Monday.

Monday, September 7

Labor Day! Don’t you love having a day off? Okay, so I have had a lot of days off but you employed people should take advantage! The Smithsonians are open today so go take a look at all those exhibits you keep telling yourself you should see but don’t.

Tuesday , September 8

Shakespeare: This is the last week of the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Free for All. I will be going to see the Taming of the Shrew tonight. Go here for info and the schedule:

Film and Discussion: The Goethe Institute is showing the soon to be released The Baader Meinhof Complex / Der Baader-Meinhof Komplex and then having a discussion on it. If I didn’t have plans already, I would be here in a heartbeat both because I love German and I have a strange interest in terrorist organizations. More info here:

Wednesday, September 9

Kathy Reichs: The bestselling author (Bones) and forensic expert, Kathy Reichs is giving a lecture at the Freer Gallery of Art at noon. $25 for non-members. More info here:

Glee: Okay, so this is not technically a DC only event but I am so excited that I can’t resist putting this in. Fox’s new musical show premieres tonight at 9 and looks to be a good time.  Check out the pilot:

Thursday, September 10

Arts on Foot: This is a celebration in Penn Quarter (or Chinatown area, as I prefer to call it) of artists and the arts in general. Arts market is Thursday and Friday and the festival is on Saturday so take some time to check it out!

Friday, September 11

Jazz in the Garden: Last night to hear Jazz in the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden. 5-8:30 pm More info

September is National _____ Month!

Oh thank goodness we have reached September. I love the shiny new beginning of a month when everything seems possible and I haven’t been disillusioned by the weather or events yet. As an unemployed person, I am also hoping that this is my month: job getting month.

However, if that doesn’t occur, I need a plan for what to do with myself. In search of this plan, I googled “september is month” and came up with some interesting answers.

September is

National Coupon Month: get clipping!

National Cholesterol Education Month: eat your Cheerios!

National Sewing Month: always a valuable skill!

National Prostrate Cancer Awareness Month: awareness is important!

National Preparedness Month: go buy some band-aids and canned foods!

None of these particularly appealed to me, to be honest. So I got a-thinkin’ What about Poetry Month? That’s April. Art month! October. History month? A-HA!

There are many versions of history month: Black History Month, Womens’ History Month, but I have official designated–for my own purposes–September as DC History Month. Luckily, there’s a lot of history in DC.  So everyday, I will find something out about the history of DC and post it here.

Today’s history: the Lincoln Memorial.


The Lincoln Memorial is supposed to portray Lincoln as contemplative and weary at the height of the Civil War.

The memorial was dedicated in 1922, after World War I to show how the Union had come together to fight that great war. Ironically, the dedication ceremony was segregated along racial lines.

One of the most famous of American civil rights speeches was on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial: “I have a Dream” by Martin Luther King, Jr. The most famous part of the speech (the “I have a dream” part) was actually improvised by King.

Sources: National Parks Service, Wikipedia