Fall Textures!

Fall is slowly creeping up on us and so we all have to think about fall colors and textures. Here’s what I’m loving going into fall:



I used to dismiss plaid as part of the grunge era and something that should never be revitalized. But I have to admit, that I’m loving the modern twists on this texture: blouses open over a tee and tucked into jeans may be my favorite. I have yet to find something that fits me but I’m keeping a look out!

This fall, designers are muting down their palettes: there was a lot of black, brown, and tan on the runways so plaid’s are also going to be darker.



Tweed is the perfect texture for this fall and winter because it is classic, usually dark, and warm: all part of what designers are looking for this fall. I have a fabulous tweede cape that I will be sporting this fall. I may also look for a pencil skirt and jacket–not to be worn together of course because I am not the Queen of England and I cannot pull off that look!

Metallic Accessories:


Oh I love metallics but only on things like shoes and purses. On clothing, I find that it often overwhelms and can look cheap. So I’m looking at purses and clutches with a metallic gold color to keep outfits from getting too cold (I think silver looks cold and gold looks warm. Too much silver in fall and winter and I think ice queen).

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